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what is mail-hub?

Mail-Hub is an online email marketing and relationship building tool. It offers you the ability to distribute and manage emails in HTML (full colour and graphics) or text format to multiple recipients at the click of a button.

Mail-Hub is a centralised service that allows you to control who receives news and information about your company, products or people. It is universal in its application across all scales and types of business.

Our clients choose Mail-Hub because of its easy to use interface, seamless integration, comprehensive reporting and independence from internal systems.

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  • Totally web based so you can access anywhere, anytime
  • Secure access means your competitive advantage is secure all the time
  • Mail Merge features for personalisation
  • Over 5 years experience in creating effective strategies for managing return on
  • No costly licensing fees or upgrades to the core software
  • Compliant with privacy laws with opt in/opt out features
  • Dynamic reporting meaning you can watch the success of your marketing
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